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Groundnut oil ,Gingelly oil, coconut oil ,Ghee,Brown Sugar and mountain honey, Natural traditional Wellness

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100% Pure Cold Pressed Oil

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100% Pure Cold Pressed Oil

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Natural, Pure & Healthy

Sekkadi Cold pressed oil is a natural product that undergoes a process of crushing with the use of less heat and no chemicals, having all the nutrients value.


Healthy for the body

Cold-pressed oil is rich in nutrients like vitamins A, D, K and E, Omega-3 and Omega-6. It provides an excellent source of saturated fats with zero cholesterol.



Little costlier than normal oil hence the yield is lower, retains original flavor, taste, aroma and nutrients.

cold pressed coconut oil


1 Litre, 500 ML, 200 ML
Rs. 290 Per Litre

groundnut oil


5 Litres, 1 Litre, 500 ML
Rs. 260 Per Litre

gingelly oil


5 Litres, 1 Litre, 500 ML
Rs. 380 Per Litre



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Sekkadi is a small initiative started in 2015 with the ultimate vision of switching people from the usage of chemically heat-treated hybrid oils to our traditional cold-pressed oil. Coming from our agricultural community, Sekkadi uses top-quality, wild-crafted, and chemical-free oils under the visionary of the great Nammazhvar, the messiah of the green revolution. Stunned by the fantastic quality and aroma of our oil in Chennai kitchens, our family has begun slowly expanding to become one of the top cold-pressed oil businesses in Chennai.

wood pressed oil
I have been a regular customer of Sekkadi for more than half a decade. I have been consuming their merchandises including groundnut, coconut & sesame oil. The quality of their products are top-notch and the outstanding customer service has made this a seamless experience with Sekkadi. I congratulate Mrs.Suhasini and her team on their exceptional efforts in providing natural yet exquisite products to us and on also setting a brilliant example for future female entrepreneurs. I pray for your success and happiness in your future endeavours and wish you all the best.
Yasmin Ansari
Home Maker
Recently visited sekkadi outlet in villivakkam thru my friend reference. First of all the staffs are very responsive and agile. The products were neatly labeled, stacked hygienically and the containers they use were of top quality plastic. I purchased coconut and gingelly oil from them, the aroma of Coconut oil proves its purity and freshness. Gingelly oil is so good, it doesn't smell odd during frying or taste bittery wen compared to competitors around. Worth the money spent for the quality, they even provide free home delivery.
Dinesh Aidin
IT Professional


According to World Health Standards, 15ml–20ml is the ideal quantity to be consumed per day per person. Roughly if you are a family of 4, then no more than 3 litres of oil should be consumed per month.

No, not consuming oil causes a lot of problems. Oil is needed for hormone regulation, lubricating the skin and joints as well as cushioning the organs. Consuming oil in a recommended quantity makes our bodies healthy.

All our oils come with a 6 month expiry date since we don’t use any preservatives. If you are using more than the shelf life, we recommend you to follow our ancestor’s procedure of keep the oil under sunlight for 4 to 5 hours every week keeping it fresh and edible. We also recommend you buy oils based on your monthly consumption, so you can always use freshly produced oil.

It is advised to store the cooking oil in a clean glass jar or metal container. To avoid oxidation, keep the oil away from direct sunlight with the plastic container. This holds good for any type of oil that you use.

Glass Bottle is very costly, so we don’t want our customers to bear that cost. We advise our customers to store the oil in glass or metal containers once it is delivered.

We don’t use any artificial colours to maintain the same colour consistency. The seeds we use impact the colour of the oil. As seeds are procured from different farmers, slight colour changes may be noticed, which is a sign of pure oil, compared to refined oil, which is of the same quality no matter where it comes from.

All our oils are been used by our ancestors for more than 300 years. You can use it for gravies and salads. It enhances the aroma and taste of the dish. Try it yourself and let us know.

This means, during the extraction process, the temperature of nuts or seeds is maintained at room temperature. Temperature can be maintained low only if a traditional wooden churner (Mara Chekku) is used and extracted by a slow mechanical process. Since the oil is not heated, it retains the natural nutrients, flavor, color, and texture. Consuming this oil is good for our health and overall wellbeing. It is also called Mara Chekku Ennai in Tamil Nadu.