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About Us

A Traditionally Made Natural Cold Pressed Oil

About us

Sekkadiis a small initiative started in 2015 by a woman who had an ultimate vision of switching people from the usage of chemically treated hybrid oils to our traditional cold-pressed oil. Coming from an agricultural community, wild-crafted, and chemical-free oils under the visionary leadership of the great Nammazhvar, the messiah of the green revolution.

Sekkadi cold-pressed oil is fully extracted in a natural way by a wooden machine crusher (Kachi Ghani or Marra chekku), which greatly helps us to maintain the quality and nutrients as our ancestors traditional (marrachekku oil) cold-pressed oil. We do not use any machinery in our filtration process, we follow natural sedimentation cloth filtration and sundry the oil for sedimentation will help to naturally obtain vitamin D into the oil. Stunned by the fantastic quality and aroma of our oil in Chennai kitchens, our family has become one of the top cold-pressed oil businesses in Chennai.

Sekkadi’s manufacturing unit is located in a village; therefore, we are able to procure all the natural ingredients directly from the farmers, which helps to cut costs, maintain quality, and sell the product at a nominal price. Sekkadi believes our customers are our bosses, and we give utmost priority to your needs and criticisms. We work every day to ensure top-notch quality and taste for healthy lifestyle at nominal prices. Sekkadi is a healthy, natural oil that has already conquered the hearts of many people who are ready to embrace new lifestyles. Give us a chance, try our products once, and you will not regret it! Check us out!