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Pure Brown Sugar in Chennai

(Naatu sakkarai) Traditional, Fresh & Tasty

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Sekkadi Naattu Sakkarai

Naatu Sakkarai, also known as country sugar. Sekkadi naatu sakkarai is chemical free, retains its nutrients, and stays true to organic products, with the sugarcane it is sourced from being organic as well. This sugar is one of the best for consumption, a better and healthier alternative to white sugar. There are no negative effects to naatu sakkarai, and you do not lose out on the taste that sugars should have. Nattu Sakkarai is rich in iron and calcium and improves bone strength.

Top 6 health benefits of Nattu sakkarai

naatu sakkarai


1/2 KG & 1 KG
Rs. 90 Per KG

Naattu Sakkarai