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Sekkadi Mountain Honey

Bees produce “high mountain honey” from the flowers of high mountains (over 1000 m) in lands with only wild flowers. This fragrance is very aromatic, intense, and long-lasting. High mountain honey is thick and dark amber in color. Mountain honey has no expiry date. In general, honey doesn’t spoil. However, it can go bad if it’s contaminated or incorrectly stored. 


Sekkadi mountain honey is special in that the pollens are not separated, so taking Sekkadi mountain honey is more effective. We have enclosed our 2-year-old mountain honey video. Honey is collected in high mountain areas where there are numerous species of wild flowers. This type of honey has an intense floral aroma with a fruity touch. And we are getting mountain honey from the Western Ghats region.

mountain honey

Mountain Honey

500 GRAM
Rs. 360 Per 1/2 KG

Real Mountain Honey